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   March 10th & 11th, 2017
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   March 18th, 2017
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   April 1st, 2017 at 2 pm
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Below are photos and information from the Spelling Bees from 2013 to 2016. Scroll down to see them all.

2016 American Library Spelling Bee Final

2016 Bee Winners

2016 Bee Finalists

EBee Winners 2016

2016 E-Bee Winners

EBee Finalists 2016
2016 E-Bee Finalists

Winners and winning words 2016:
1. Elinor A. (verbose)
2. Sofie G. (compound)
3. Sai Kirt C. (hapless)

1. Aglaia A. (sieve)
2. Aron T.  (preamble)
3. Vincent I. (stationary)

2015 American Library Spelling Bee Final

2015 E-Bee Winners
2015 E-Bee Winners

2015 Not-E-Bee Winners
2015 Not-E-Bee Winners

Winners and winning words 2015:
1. Elizabeth G. (exotic)
2. Anisha S. (drizzle)
3. Ayushi N. (heroic)

1. Alitsia A. (hedgerow)
2. Amogh B. (intruder)
3. Sahtih T. (gist)

2014 American Library Spelling Bee Final

E-Bee Winners 2014
2014 E-Bee winners

Not-E-Bee winners
2014 Not-E-Bee winners with our librarian disguised as a queen bee

judges 2014
Our judges and wordmaster

Winners and winning words 2014:
1. Samir R. (distinguish)
2. Dhanush J. (persuadable)
3. Lorenzo B. (stethoscope)

1. Caroline F. (beautiful)
2. Celine N. (unpredictable)
3. Alitsia A. (lifejacket)

2013 American Library Spelling Bee Final
queen bee
Our judges, wordmaster, announcer and queen bee

not e-bee finalists
Not-E-Bee finalists 2013

Concentrated spelling

not e-bee winners
Not-E-Bee winners 2013

Taking a break between Not-E-Bee and E-Bee contests

E-Bee finalists 2013

Waiting for their turn to spell

Winners and winning words 2013:
1. Lorenzo B.  (colloquial)
2. Emile B. (surveillance)
3. Wonjun L. (reunion)

1. Anjan E. (maximum)
2. Maximillian W.  (anonymity)
3. Aglaia A. (evaluate)

Students from the following schools participated in 2012 - 2016 - is your school on the list?

Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium (Schwalbach)
Bismarck Gymnasium (KA)
Cohartis Grundschule Kurhardt
College de l'Esplanada (France)
College Leclerc (France)
College Louise Weiss (France)
Comenius-Ganztags-Realschule (KA)
Dr. Kurt-Schumacher Schule (Reinheim)
Eichendorff Gymnasium (Ettlingen)
European School (Karlsruhe)
European School (Strasbourg)
Freie Schule LernZeitRäume (Dossenheim)
Freie Waldorfschule (KA)
Goethe Gymnasium (Germersheim)
Goethe Gymnasium (KA)
Heidelberg International School (HD)
Heisenberg Gymnasium (Ettlingen)
Heisenberg Gymnasium (KA)
Helmholtz Gymnasium (KA)
ISF Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main
Int. School of Stuttgart (Sindelfingen)
Kurfürst-Friedrich-Gymnasium (HD)
Leopoldschule (KA)
Maria-Victoria-Schule (Ottersweier)
Markgrafen Gymnasium (KA)
Max-Planck-Gymnasium (KA)
Niederfeld Grundschule (LU)
Obermayr International School (Schwalbach)
Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium (KA)
Pestalozzi Grundschule (Rheinstetten)
Realschule Linkenheim
Schiller Gymnasium (PF)
Schönborn-Gymnasium (Bruchsal)
St. Dominikus (KA)
St. Raphael Gymnasium (HD)
Südendschule (KA)
Thiebautschule (Ettlingen)
Thomas-Mann-Gymnasium (Stutensee)